Gillioz Family Update on Van Bridges

A note from the Executive Director:

It's easy to look at a venue like the Historic Gillioz and all the memories that have been made there and forget that those activities happen due to the commitment of a team of professionals who serve our community with passion. It's a family in so many ways, and our family has a challenge I want to share with you.

Van Bridges is the Gillioz lighting director. A partner in Headline Productions, the company that oversees all our theatrical endeavors, Van was helping on a project elsewhere during this Covid-19 season and fell over 25 feet, landing on his head on a concrete surface.

Van was transported to St. Louis from the job site with multiple broken bones, paralysis, swelling and bleeding of the brain and vision impairment at that point. He was placed in a medically induced coma and his lovely wife Lacy made arrangements for their children to be with family in Springfield as she travelled to be at her husband's side.

But Covid-19 policies mean Lacy can't see her husband, but can only talk to a nurse on the phone and get updates. 

Van has made significant progress since that initial diagnosis. Anyone who knows Van expects this. Van is exceptional.

While we are seeing progress, the road ahead is long for Van. Like so many of us, particularly in this industry, his income has been negatively impacted and their financial need has only increased. Support has been great, but no one knows how long or what this journey entails. There are significant unknowns.

Friends of the Bridges have established a GoFundMe account in his name to help the family navigate this time. I want to take a moment of your time to humbly ask you consider your ability to help Van Bridges. I am aware these are difficult times. If you can't help financially, would you please remember Van & Lacy Bridges and their family in your thoughts and prayers as they navigate this challenge?

A link to Van's GoFundMe page is available HERE.

I am grateful for the privilege of serving our community at the Historic Gillioz. We have an amazing community that supports the theatre as we continue to grow the Ozarks influence in entertainment. Van Bridges is a special and inspiring member of our team. Any support you give, on any level, is greatly appreciated.

Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Hopeful.

                                                                From,  Geoff Steele
                                                                             Executive Director

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