A Message from SRAC Staff

Black Lives Matter

To our community,

The Springfield Regional Arts Council values Creativity in all forms, Collaboration and Partnerships, Leadership, Innovation, Quality, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Accessibility, Growth and Education and Sustainability. The work we do to complete our mission of “transforming lives and enriching the community through the arts” is continually threaded with these values, whether it’s in our programming, our advocacy efforts, or our artist support.

Performances, music, poetry, visual and literary arts arts can bridge gaps, open dialogues, and share stories. The arts celebrate and connect, empower and enlighten. 

On behalf of the SRAC staff, we share the heartache and outrage over the deaths of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all the men and women who have come before (and after) them as victims of hate crimes and prejudice.

As a community organization, we know the work to end systemic racism and oppression is ongoing and never enough. We promise to continue listening to our artists from marginalized communities, learn how to be even stronger allies, and to be a platform and organization that does not tolerate hate or injustice. 

We hope you will stand with us in these efforts. One simple way to help move the needle toward equality for all is to support and amplify the voices of artists from marginalized communities.  Read books, listen to music or poems, and enjoy art by creators of color.  If you are an artist of color, let us help amplify your voice and highlight your works by reaching out to us.

If you need a place to start exploring, here are some resources:

Yours in the arts,

The Springfield Regional Arts Council Staff