Missouri State Theatre and Dance Presents "Dancing The Next Dimension"

Dancing The Next Dimension poster

This free performance is showing April 29 @8pm as a live Projection located at Missouri State University - Craig Hall Outdoor Westside of Building

1147 Grand St

Springfield, MO 65897

  • Concert Coordinated by Azaria Hogans
  • Craig Hall Outdoor Westside of Building

Encompassing beauty, grace, energy, strength and precision, the power of dance is conveyed from the senses to the soul. Once again, MSU Theatre and Dance presents a program of fresh creative works that push the boundaries of this multi-dimensional artform. From the playful to the profound, these original compositions reflect the diverse aesthetic and cultural perspectives of our resident and guest choreographers. Using the rich vocabulary of dance to express ideas and emotions without words, they seek to spark insights and engage the audience in conversations that will last beyond the performance. Prepare to be thrilled, delighted, challenged and inspired by this year’s Spring Dance Concert: Dancing the Next Dimension!

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