Grave Tales

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Tales to thrill, tales to creep, tales to make your blood run frigid. This is Grave Tales, a theatrical evening of eldritch horror. It's a trip into madness where monsters dwell in darkened corners and trepidation is the norm.

On this next curse-inducing episode of Grave Tales: A young woman is awoken at night to find a vampiric intruder looming at the foot of her bed, though does he desire her blood or something else, in “I Bleed For You.” Then, after her parents’ death, a child finds herself in an abusive situation involving her stepfather with her only friend being a small and stuffed T-rex, but the lines between imagination and reality become askew in “Lil Buddy Rex.” The evening of macabre comes to a hellish climax as a preacher is sent to perform a routine exorcism, though when a disturbing connection between the possessed and the preacher’s own troubled past is revealed, the man of God must fight both the demons of the present and the demons of his own past in “Forfeit.” It’s a night of vampiric lust, Mesozoic madness, and devilish dementia hosted by Sideshow Shecky. A night of terror you won’t forget.

Don't miss this horrific new installment with two shows on Friday, March 24, at 7:30 and 9:00 pm.

[For mature audiences only]

– Presented by A Class Act Productions –

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