Sculpture Walk @ Jubilee Park

Current Sculptures on Display

"Laminations I" by Jacob Burmood
"Emmett" by Will Vannerson
"Dovetails and Void" by Eli Gold
"The family that drinks together stays together" by Cathy Russell
"Charred Pearl II" by Darin White
"Reckoning" by Nick Willett

Sculpture Walk @ Jubilee Park

About the Sculpture Walk

The Springfield Sculpture Walk begins its inaugural installations in fall of 2013 with eight works by regional and local sculptors.

The initial installation of the Springfield Sculpture Walk is in downtown Springfield inside the Ozarks Jubilee Memorial Park, one block east of Park Central Square. With six locations for medium-scale sculptures and several more opportunities for larger-scale sculptures, the park is well equipped for a small display of multiple sculptures.

As a demonstration of the concept, the Sculpture Walk @ Jubilee Park is intended to illustrate what a full-scale installation might look like. Current plans call for a larger roll-out of the Sculpture Walk in the spring of 2014.

Artists and sponsors can see through a small-scale version what a larger Sculpture Walk can look and feel like.

Featuring a recently redirected walking path, Jubilee Park has undertaken minor touch-ups to freshen up its appearance and render it more suitable to a meandering stroll. With almost an acre of green space, the mature landscaping affords an oasis from the urban streetscape.

Sculptures displayed remain in the ownership of the artist and loaned to the exhibit for one year. Insurance coverage is provided for the demonstration by the City of Springfield. All sculptures are available for sale or lease to the public.

Get Involved

Artists or sponsors that are interested in participating in this initial round or in future rounds are welcome to attend the future sessions of the Sculpture Walk Forum to both hear more and influence the development of the concept.