Elizabeth Chapman

I am an expressionistic abstract artist. I work intuitively with one mark leading to the next, experimenting and playing with various materials, tools, techniques and the elements of line, color, shape, space and texture paying careful attention to creating bold and dynamic compositions. Occasionally, I find myself working realistically as well. This work might be classified as being more of a blended style of impressionism and realism capturing the essence of the subject. In whatever style I find myself working in, good composition and design are very important to me.

Carla Stine


The work you see here represents my quest to make sense of love, life, and the finitude inherent in both. While much of my work is light-hearted and whimsical, there is always an undercurrent of delicate tenuousness, vulnerability, and a sense of the preciousness of the momentary beauty that will disappear, never to reappear. This journey has taken many twists and turns, some surprising, others saddening, and despite the challenge, or perhaps because of the challenge, I find that simply being true to myself continuously reveals a strength I didn’t know I possessed.