kiln formed glass

Kim Hoskinson

Kim has loved art, in all its forms, her whole life. Her own art journey began in drawing, then ceramics and followed with stained glass. A class in stained glass provided her introduction to glass fusing, and since 2012, it has been her medium of choice.

Nicole Hanna

Writing an “artist’s statement” is’s like trying to describe a color. Is it art, craft, trash, or treasure? I don’t know, nor do I care. I know only that I am happiest when I am able to utilize my creativity to fabricate the images in my imagination. Thinking about what, why, or how I do it merely serves to take away from the time I get to spend doing it. From childhood, I have dabbled in many different mediums to express my art. In recent years I have chosen to work primarily with kiln formed glass because it offers endless possibilities of fascination and challenge.