encaustic on wood

Jodie Sutton

I am excited to share with you my collection of work titled “Exploration.” These pieces reflect the various stages of my three-year journey in encaustic painting. After a long break from the fine arts, I found myself needing to disconnect from the daily barrage of technology. So, I taught myself the basics of encaustics and I began experimenting in photo encaustics. I soon transitioned into abstract landscapes and nonrepresentational pieces. I enjoy exploring the texture, translucent quality, and fluidity that can be achieved through the medium.

Kat Allie

Striving to create art that encompasses rich vibrant colors, luscious actual textures, and bold unfaltering lines, is my desire. I want people to view my artwork as very sensory and engaging. Working with hot beeswax, damar resin, and oil pigment allows me immediate access to the natural or organic state of creating. The encaustic medium transforms from a liquid to a solid within seconds. Acting and reacting becomes intuitive and transcendental. I’m inherently drawn to nature for my subject. Nature transformed and abstracted as I sense and experience it through the human condition.