The Springfield Regional Arts Council has created a registry of artists in Springfield and our 27-county region in Southwest Missouri. The Artist Registry is compiled as a comprehensive catalogue and made available at local design trade shows and business expositions for residential and commercial purposes. Images of the artists' works are also presented in an electronic slideshow at various events and locations.

Click an artist name to learn more and get a closer look at the artist's work. Artists should only be contacted for inquiries in buying, commissioning, or exhibiting their artwork.

Artist Profiles

    Dawna Middleton

  • Contact Info

  • (417) 718-2770
  • About Yourself

  • Creativity has emerged from my soul for most of my life. Applying my skills to design artwork has been an important step to unveiling a world of art for my thirsty spirit. In the fall of 2014, I pushed myself beyond my boundaries and painted my first portrait. In 2016 I entered my first public art show. By 2017 I found myself on a personal transforming journey, one that has been a vast awakening experience.
    I began to see my artwork evolve as I did. I am often given visions; some during the night, of what the next project will be, even down to the technique to be used. I seek to bring life to these visions. I primarily use acrylics with many paintings having additional texture and mixed media from odd objects and older books. I have explored watercolors and found them to be very addictive in the way they announce their presence on paper. It is truly a growing love.
    My subjects vary from the challenge of the finest details of a particular object to the intensity of an abstract piece that can speak volumes when looked at for an extended period. My journey of Awakening has been a gift, one with many opportunities to investigate new techniques in the art world as well as the uncovering of my core, my truth, and my inner peace.

Portfolio Images

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