The Springfield Regional Arts Council has created a registry of artists in Springfield and our 27-county region in Southwest Missouri. The Artist Registry is compiled as a comprehensive catalogue and made available at local design trade shows and business expositions for residential and commercial purposes. Images of the artists' works are also presented in an electronic slideshow at various events and locations.

Click an artist name to learn more and get a closer look at the artist's work. Artists should only be contacted for inquiries in buying, commissioning, or exhibiting their artwork.

Artist Profiles

    Mary Ellen Chiles

  • essay,event,landscape,lyrical,photography,poetry,prose,writing
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  • (417) 268-8436
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  • I specialize in landscape photography, and have images from Alaska, the North Cascades, New Zealand, and Iceland. I recently exhibited at the Park Central library in March 2016, and have shown works in the Pacific Northwest. I sell prints and cards on my website, I also do commissions and events, as well as digital sales.

    I am completing my first year in a Master's program in creative writing at Missouri State. I am working on a thesis inspired by working in remote Alaska for five summers. I am a Springfield native and recently returned from Seattle.

  • I walked with a friend in the North Cascades in Washington, and I tugged on his arm. “Don’t you see the way the light looks like someone dunked that mountain into an aquarium?” I said. “Don’t you see we’re lucky?” But I feel that way when I notice twigs on the sidewalk or sunlight on a doorknob. So I took photos and I wrote a little bit about people I met. I worked and traveled, and I didn’t try very hard to publish or sell what I did. Then I hit my head on an icy hill in Washington, and I decided I better start trying. Because no one knew how much my brain could handle, I had to listen to myself. With that in mind I began to follow through on creative sparks I used to bury. 18 months into my recovery, I decided to move from Seattle back to Springfield, where I was raised, and start a Master’s in creative writing. At two years the remainder of my concussion symptoms faded at last. I decided I better continue listening to myself, and I began to show more photographs. I began to sell them, juggling graduate school with a starting a business. I also write poems and essays for a baseball literature site I founded called

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