The Springfield Regional Arts Council has created a registry of artists in Springfield and our 27-county region in Southwest Missouri. The Artist Registry is compiled as a comprehensive catalogue and made available at local design trade shows and business expositions for residential and commercial purposes. Images of the artists' works are also presented in an electronic slideshow at various events and locations.

Click an artist name to learn more and get a closer look at the artist's work. Artists should only be contacted for inquiries in buying, commissioning, or exhibiting their artwork.

Artist Profiles

    Jen Scheid

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  • (417) 429-6154
  • About Yourself

  • My adventure into the art world didn't start until early 2018. I was looking for a way to be creative and like what I did. I was in a dark place at the time. I was limited in friends or people to talk to. I had lost the job I thought would be my career two years prior and had no idea what else I wanted to do with my life. I was in an unhealthy relationship. And to top it all off, I had lost my Dad in the middle of it all. I had zero confidence and little to no self esteem. I felt worthless and defeated.

    It all started with scrap booking, or what I thought was scrap booking at the time. All I knew is that I had placed a baby girl for adoption and had some amazing pictures that I wanted to keep together, then I decided I wanted to document our lateral, yet separate lives. The obsession with card stock got me. That turned into coloring...suddenly I found myself in the craft store reeling from another life event grabbing paint and canvas to try out an interesting idea I saw on Pintrest.

    Pintrest turned into watching a bazilion videos on YouTube, soaking up as much as I could in this abstract outlet. One thing I learned early on is that I really needed to learn something about color theory.... let's just say the first few were a little.... muddy.

    Since then I have kept learning and keep trying to make beautiful things. I never intended to do it to make any money from what I created, but from the support of my wonderful and amazing mother, I finally realized the missing piece in my life. I was happy. I remember joking with someone that I wanted to do arts and crafts all day for a living. Well. Why not? Making that decision has been the catalyst into what you are seeing now. I still don't make anything with the intention of selling it, I just hope that when someone looks at my pieces, they can feel the joy that it has brought to my life. I hope for them (when that happens), they have their own symbolic way of finding something that truly brings them joy. And the incredible added bonus that I can share that with strangers all over the place AND THEY LIKE MY STUFF, TOO! Nothing makes me happier than a little notification that I might have brightened someone's day.

Portfolio Images

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