Annual Art Auction

Each year, The Springfield Regional Arts Council hosts an art auction with proceeds supporting our Arts Programming! Great examples of this would be Exhibit Openings, our Professional Development, and most importantly Growing Up In The Arts! 

Growing Up In The Arts aims to bring art to youth by using local contract-based teachers to deliver arts experiences! Children in grades K-8 can experience hands-on exposure to all art forms, and live experiences such as drama, art galleries, and concerts. Growing Up In The Arts experiences educate, uplift, and encourage creativity to those who need it most. 

Through this program, we aim to instill cultural and academic confidence, as well as a lifetime appreciation of the arts - but we need your help! If you are an artist who would like to help support our mission, please consider donating pieces to be auctioned off at the Annual Art Auction! Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions! 

If you are a Patron, mark your calendars for June's First Friday Art Walk, June 7th, at 5 pm - that's when the Art Auction will go live! Online bidding will occur from that point until the Auction closes at 11:50 pm on June 21st! 

Art Auction

STARTS June 7th







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