Steven H Brown

My art is urban exploration, conceptual art and avant-garde photography. My work is the transformation of objects and spaces using physical and digital manipulation. I explore abandoned buildings to find objects that have been left behind in the pursuit of progress and I wrap them in linen to give them a new skin. I am repurposing spaces as a sort of installation, photographing in such a way as to create a work of art. The objective is to transform these objects and their surrounding spaces into something beyond what they were when I found them.

Linda S. Teeter


"The world of digital ....ENHANCED" In my photography, I feel compelled not to leave the image rest on the Kodak paper...I must take it to the next level and beyond... "Is it a watercolor? Oil painting? A lithograph?" they inquire. "No it is a result of a transition." as am that another grey hair in the mirror I see? Then I color it! Bring it to the level of beauty and add a bit of punch!