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The Beauty of Baroque

September 30, 2023 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm CDT

Healing Harmonies
A Concert Series of Compassion
We warmly invite you to our inaugural season of Healing Harmonies, a unique concert series reflecting the heart and soul of our mission. Unite with us this season in two musical celebrations that embody compassion, connection, and care.
The Beauty of Baroque
• A fall concert filled with baroque melodies that will inspire reflection and gratitude.
• A springtime baroque performance that echoes the renewal and hope of the season.
Uniting with Rare Breed Youth Services: We are partnering with Rare Breed Youth Services to extend support to the homeless youth in our area. Our harmonious efforts will shine a light on the path to healing and empowerment for these young people.
An Offering of Love: We have chosen to collect items at the door to aid Rare Breed's noble mission, instead of ticket sales. Join us with your contributions and be a part of the change you wish to see in our city’s homeless youth population.
Living Our Mission: Aligned with Healing Harmonies mission statement, “Offering healing and care through the artistic works of our musicians” Healing Harmonies donations to Rare Breed will bring just that to the homeless youth of our city.
Be a Part of Healing Harmonies: Come, immerse yourself in an evening of enchanting baroque music. Experience first-hand this new concert series of compassion and love.

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