October 19, 2024

The stage is set, the anticipation is palpable, and it's time to honor the remarkable individuals and organizations who have shaped the artistic landscape of The Ozarks. Join us at the 39th Ozzie Awards, where we celebrate not only the outstanding achievements of the arts but also those who have contributed their time, dedication, and unwavering passion to make a difference in our vibrant community. This extraordinary event brings together artists, creatives, arts enthusiasts, and community members in a collective celebration of talent, innovation, and the transformative power of the arts. 

Don't miss your opportunity to be part of this unforgettable celebration. This is more than just an event; it's an invitation to be part of a legacy of talent, passion, and the remarkable impact that the arts have on our lives.
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2024 Ozzie award categories

Volunteer of the Year

 The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to individuals who have displayed outstanding volunteer service in the community within the last year. There is no set formula or specific criteria for a person to be nominated, and it isn’t always a person with many hours or someone who comes in every week. Important qualities for an ‘outstanding volunteer’ include dependability, flexibility, creativity, a positive attitude, kindness, and someone who exemplifies the strength of our artistic community.  
2023 Finalists were:
Larry Askren - winner
Genevieve Kroenke
Donald Smith

 The Arts Champion Award

 This award recognizes a corporation or organization that has made meaningful contributions to advance the arts in the Ozarks. The recipient of this award is an advocate, supporter, sponsor, and/or philanthropist who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the arts. 
2023 Finalists were:
Neosho Arts Council
Judith Enyeart Reynolds - The School of the Arts, Missouri State University - winner
Springfield Symphony Orchestra

 The Arts Ambassador Award

 This award highlights an individual or team that has taken an active role in building a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for the arts in the Ozarks. The recipient of this award is someone who has worked tirelessly to create, promote, or support the arts, and has made a significant impact on the local arts community. 

2023 Finalists were:
Joshua Best - winner
David Harrison
Samuel G. Knox

 Excellence in Arts Education

 The Arts Education Award recognizes an individual or organization providing transformational leadership in arts education through strategic initiatives, strong programming, and the engagement of partners to achieve our community goals.  
2023 Finalists were:
Niki Kiruki
Gretchen Teague
Steve Willis - winner

Winner Selection Process 

This year, we have made nominations even easier. 
For selection process: Nominations sourced directly from community members ensure that the Ozzie Awards truly represent the spirit and talent that flourishes within our vibrant arts community.
• Volunteer of the Year
• The Arts Champion Award
• The Arts Ambassador Award
• Excellence in Arts Education Award

Step 1: Submit the simple nomination form linked here:
• Nomination Deadline: May 31 
• Nomination applications will be screened to ensure all areas of criteria are met appropriately. 

Step 2: Nominees are invited to submit an application for consideration. 
• Application Deadline: June 28
• Applications will be reviewed by a panel of impartial judges selected from the region who serve in philanthropic roles, have experience in the arts, previous Ozzie winners, artist, performers, and/or arts patrons.
• Three finalists in each category will be announced August 15
• The winner in each category will be announced during the Ozzie Awards on Saturday, October 19. 


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