October 14, 2023

The Springfield Regional Arts Council (SRAC) is proud to present the 38th Ozzie Awards in person! The Ozzies  are an annual celebration of the arts. Each year, based on nominations from community members, a handful of creative individuals, groups, and organizations receive an award for their work in the arts in The Ozarks. Winners receive their award at a gala held at The Springfield-Branson National airport. This a fun party, featuring conversations with the winners on stage, plus a variety show of theater, dance, music, gourmet food and drink

The 2022 Winners are...

Individual Award: Dr. Terry L. Chase 
 "In the past 50 years, Dr. Terry Chase has trained hundreds of artists who have gone on to work for museums or establish their own businesses. Almost every artist in the country involved in creating natural history models for museums has some ties to Chase Studio. Maintaining a number of major projects at any given time, present clients include the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and the Harvard Museum of Natural History. The demand for Chase’s work from such prestigious organizations results from the high degree of scientific accuracy and meticulous detail he incorporates in his work. T. Chase is presently working on three books that feature his work and the methods used for its production. " 

Individual Award: Ruth Barnes 
 "Ruth Barnes is a one-of-a-kind artist who has chosen Springfield, MO as her home for the past several years. She has the courage to embrace young thinkers and is comfortable enough to push them to expand their way of thinking and communicating with art. She has years of outstanding work and collaboration with multiple generations of dancers in this area and on a global scale." 

Leadership Award: Tom Everett 
 "The outstanding leadership, guidance and innovative financial strategies Tom has selflessly provided over an astounding, multi-year volunteer commitment certainly currently does, and will continue to have lasting impact for the health of the arts organizations in our community, the artists who collaborate with them and the quality of life we enjoy in Springfield and the surrounding region. "

Organization Award: Grupo Latinoamericano 
 "Grupo Latinoamericano works tirelessly to share Hispanic culture inclusively with the entire community. If you have attended the Springfield Art Museum’s annual Cinco de Mayo celebration, Missouri State University’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day event, any number of multi-cultural festivals throughout the Springfield Public School system, or Artsfest on Walnut St., you may have seen the Grupo Latinoamericano Dance Troupe swirling away in colorful, hand-sewn, authentic costumes representative of many Hispanic countries. The group holds events throughout the year to educate community members on the culture of various Latin American countries."

Regional Impact Award: Mike Smith 
 "Mike Smith is the founder and longtime host of KSMU-FM's Seldom Heard Music, a weekly radio show highlighting bluegrass, acoustic and old-timey music — genres which are an enduring reflection of Ozarks culture. Seldom Heard Music brings bluegrass and traditional Ozarks music into the homes of thousands of listeners each week, in a free, non-commercial format. The show also highlights upcoming festivals and performances in the Ozarks, where audiences can catch live shows with local musicians and big stars alike."

Phoenix Award: Ashley Paige Romines 
 "Ashley Paige Romines has inspired countless lives through the power and art of dance. She does this by holding high standards, following her heart, and being an impactful example of leadership. She is a modest woman with her dancer’s needs and development her highest priority. She sets a wonderful example to those she meets of her passion for dance and poise for life. She is the epitome of Springfield Ballet’s vision – to transform lives through the art of dance."

Winner Selection Process 

Every year, we ask our members to nominate organizations and individuals in our community for honors in the following categories:  
● Arts Education 
● Individual
● Leadership
● Organization
● Regional Impact 
● Phoenix

The Springfield Regional Arts Council then selects an independent panel of judges to evaluated each submitted nomination. Judges are asked to recuse themselves from scoring any nominee who would be considered a conflict of interest. SRAC then tallies all judges' scores to determine the Ozzie winners.  


 TO Nominate!
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