We are proud to announce the Springfield Regional Arts Council's 2021-2022 arts exhibition schedule for 2021-2022 at The Sky Gallery. More information will be posted about each show.

The Exhibition Series schedule at The Sky Gallery:

  • September 2021: Re-Awakening - The gallery will be dedicated to works reflecting the theme of the Ozzie's Celebration "Re-Awakening", a flora and fauna inspired reflecting the beauty of growth and awareness. Submissions due: Aug 6. 1-5 pieces permitted per artist.
  • February 2022: Studio 55 Showcase - The Sky Gallery will host a body of work comprised of Studio 55 Artist members showcasing a variety of mediums, techniques, and concepts.
  • May 2022: The Heart of the Ozarks - The Sky Gallery will feature works inspired by what artists interpret as the heart and soul of the Ozarks, highlighting landscapes, landmarks, local loved items and more! Submissions due: February 11.
  • June - Aug 2022: The Big Show - This exhibit features work with a minimum size of 36 inches to make a big splash of color and texture! Submissions due: May 13.
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