The Springfield Regional Arts Council has created a registry of artists in Springfield and our 27-county region in Southwest Missouri. The Artist Registry is compiled as a comprehensive catalogue and made available at local design trade shows and business expositions for residential and commercial purposes. Images of the artists' works are also presented in an electronic slideshow at various events and locations.

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    Paula Reed

  • oil,pen & ink,watercolor
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  • I am blessed to be a 3rd generation in a large family of artists. My grandfather, Ben C. Johnson, was a commercial artist and of his 7 children, 5 of them, including my mother, were artists. My mentor was a favorite aunt, Janice Johnson, who was a designer at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City for 35 years. She assisted me in getting a job there in the lithographic production dept. Up to that time, I had little interest in producing art. She took it upon herself to sign me up for a private studio class in oil painting and drawing. I consider that the best gift anyone ever gave me and I was hooked.

    After 2 years, I was promoted to an art dept., called Re-design. While working at Hallmark Cards, the company paid for evening classes at the Kansas City Art Institute. I had moved to an apartment only a block from there and it was a great little art community, also close to the Nelson Art Museum. I studied there part time and obtained some excellent basic instruction in drawing and painting. I worked for 5 years at Hallmark.

    Later while raising 2 sons and working in an advertising agency, my art activities were put on hold and it was close to 15 years before I took up my brushes again. Having lived for several years in southern Tennessee I was thrilled to get back to where I grew up in the Ozarks. I had been working in acrylics and felt like I needed to try new mediums so found an excellent instructor in watercolor, Robert Johnson in Springfield. I fell in love with watercolor, the way it flows and the light shining through the transparent layers. I consider it my medium of choice, but have also enjoyed working in colored pencil and pen and ink and recently studied oils again. I specialized for a number of years in producing home and building 'portraits' in pen and ink and watercolor. Commission work is good for bringing in extra income.

    Having retired over 7 years ago, it's wonderful to have the time to create artworks and explore various mediums. Also proud to be a grandmother to 3 beautiful kids, ages 4 to 14. I'm a prolific reader and also do some quilting. My husband has always encouraged me in my art. Life is good!

  • Awards include:

    2009 - 14th Annual Senior Art Exhibition “Celebrating Creativity In Later Years” at Juanitta K. Hammons Hall For The Performing Arts, Springfield, MO
    Juror’s Choice Award for “Then There Was Light”, watercolor

    2009 - Finley River Art Gallery, Ozark, Mo Exhibition “Ozark Places”
    1st Place for “Turners Station”, pen & ink

    2010 - 15th Annual Senior Art Exhibition “Celebrating Creativity in Later Years” at Juanitta K. Hammons Hall For The Performing Arts, Springfield, MO Juried into show for “Court House Icon”, watercolor/colored pencil and “White Sands Sunset”, Pen & Ink/Watercolor

    2012 - Finley River Art Gallery, Ozark, MO Exhibition “Birds in Art”
    Best in Show for “Peach Faced Lovebirds”, Pen & Ink/Watercolor

    2012 - Finley River Art Gallery, Ozark, MO Exhibition “Spring Harvest”
    Best in Show for “Hanging by A Thread”, Oil

    2012 - Finley River Art Gallery, Ozark, MO Exhibition “Spring Blossoms”
    Best in Show for “Savannah Magnolia”, Watercolor

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